Hiking Italy’s Amalfi Coast: From Ravello to Amalfi

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This beautiful hike will take you from the hilltop town of Ravello, down cobblestone staircases and ivy-covered walls, past citrus orchards and vineyard-covered hills, through old cities, and finally down to the sandy beaches that meet the vast Mediterranean sea.


What to Know Before You Go

This downhill hike will take about an hour and a half, so be sure to bring water bottles for everyone, especially during the summer months. Sunglasses, a hat, and comfortable walking shoes are also recommended. Euros are 100% necessary (for that post-hike gelato and/or glass of wine).



The quaint hilltop town of Ravello is the starting point of this journey. Since we were staying in Sorrento, we took a bus to Ravello and ate before we started hiking. Take your time walking around before you begin the hike down to the sea- the Duomo is beautiful, and there are a lot of unique local handmade goods. If you’d like a map, stop by the Tourist office in Ravello. Someone there can talk you through the route down and answer any questions you might have.





You’ll begin the hike by heading toward Villa Cimbrone’s entrance, then head West on the pathway towards Atrani (and ultimately on to Amalfi). As you wind your way through the hills and down the staircases, you’ll walk past stunning gardens and private residences.





You miss 100% of the dogs you don’t pet.



Spectacular panoramic views of the mountains and Mediterranean Sea are visible almost the entire way down. Terraces are cut into the steep mountainside, creating platforms for houses, citrus orchards, and vineyards.




As you descend, you’ll feel as though you’re floating above the ocean because of how steep the cliff is. The “trail” is not well marked- there are a few signs, but they aren’t great. When in doubt, just head downhill!




This walkway means you’re getting close to Atrani!





Once you’ve made it to Atrani, you’ll take a leisurely stroll along a paved road next to the ocean to Amalfi.




Explore the beautiful town of Amalfi, treat yourself to some gelato, dip your feet in the ocean, and relax with a cold beverage 😉




Head Home

If you stayed in Sorrento like we did, simply take the ferry from Amalfi back to Sorrento. It takes about an hour and the coastal hillside views along the way are amazing! No shortage of photo opportunities here, especially right around sunset.



Thanks for taking look at our experience hiking the Amalfi Coast! We hope this post was helpful for you in planning your own trip there. Comment below or send us an email at wildthingsandcoffee@gmail.com if you have any questions, or if you want to tell us what you did with our advice! We’d love to hear from you 🙂

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