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Hello there! We’re Christine and Brae Lezcano. Welcome to our travel blog! This site was designed with the intent to inspire and inform your travels by sharing our own hiking guides, trip itineraries, travel tips, and memorable experiences from around the world.

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Our passions include hiking, photography, camping, underwater adventures, and good coffee. We absolutely love the outdoors and would choose an adventure in nature over being inside any day!

Through our almost 10 years of being together and 5 years of marriage, we’ve explored quite a bit. From Yosemite National Park to Puerto Rico to Europe, our trips have always been accompanied by hours of research and countless Excel spreadsheet itineraries. We love sharing our travel tips and hope you find them helpful! Thanks for taking a peek at our crazy adventures!


You can find us where the wild things and coffee are.



Brae is our photographer, videographer, and research aficionado. He is a Store Manager for Starbucks Coffee Co. and has worked for the company for over 13 years. As a certified Coffee Master within Starbucks, he holds public coffee tastings and shares his coffee knowledge. He loves waterfalls, Marvel movies, craft IPAs, leather-bound books, Japanese gardens, and good anime.



Christine is our writer, itinerary planning pro, video editor, and assistant photographer. She is a freelance artist and teaches AP Art & Design at a local high school. Her favorite things include Star Wars, her dog Taz, succulents, National Park t-shirts, waffles, and rewatching Frasier, Friends, and The Office.


Photo Credit: Brealyn Nenes


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Check out our Etsy shop featuring Christine’s original travel-inspired paintings, hand lettered items, and custom artwork:

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