Custom Trip Itineraries

Let us plan your next vacation!

(Or give the gift of a stress-free personalized travel itinerary!)

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Click here to purchase a Customized Vacation Itinerary!


It may sound completely nerdy, but we absolutely LOVE planning vacations- Excel spreadsheets and all! But we know that not everyone enjoys or has time for the research that goes into planning a trip. Let us craft your perfect travel itinerary catered to your individual preferences for food, structure, interests, and pace. We’ll begin by asking you a series of questions, and then we will create a personalized Travel Planning Kit which includes:

► TRIP OVERVIEW – Make note of your trip destinations, dates, transportation, and accommodations. This can be a great reference for yourself as well as something to leave behind as reference for your other family members or house sitters.

► ITINERARY OVERVIEW – Here’s your big picture overview of your entire trip. We’ll fill in the important events for each day. Make multiple copies if you need to!

► DAILY ITINERARY – This is an hour-by-hour spreadsheet of our recommended activities and restaurants, complete with prices, hours, directions, contact info, relevant notes, etc.

► TO-DO PLANNING LIST – This is essentially our list of instructions for you to complete the bookings for your trip. (We are happy to handle no-cost bookings, and will certainly do our research to direct you to the best deals, but you will be responsible for the actual booking of your flight, hotel, car rental, etc.)

► PACKING LISTS – 1 blank, and 1 pre-filled and catered to your location and time of year, of course

► BLANK BUDGET & EXPENSE TRACKER – Let’s divide out your budget, and easily keep track of your expenses as you plan.

► BLANK TRAVEL JOURNAL – Use these simple lined pages to reflect on your travels and jot down memorable moments and meals!

► BLANK SITTER GUIDE – Jot down important contact and emergency numbers for your baby-sitter, house-sitter, or pet-sitter! Let them know where you’ll be, and add instructions in the lined section.


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*FORMAT: You’ll receive all of these as digital downloadable PDFs, as well as a printed version organized in a customized binder and sent in the mail.

*BOOKING: To be clear, we are not travel agents and will not book anything that requires payment. We will never ask for any banking or credit card information. Your “To-Do Planning List” will be your complete guide to booking your vacation in a quick and efficient manner. We are more than happy to arrange restaurant reservations and other no-cost bookings.

*TIME: Depending on the length of your trip, please allow 1-3 weeks to create your custom itinerary. Although we do our best to accommodate all requests, please give us as much notice as possible. A quality trip takes time to plan. Please feel free to email us at or simply click on the “Contact” page here on our website.

*WE ARE HERE FOR YOU: We are here to make your vacation planning process as easy and efficient as possible, therefore we are always available to answer our clients’ questions via email, or we can even arrange a FaceTime video chat to discuss your trip.



Click here to purchase a Custom Vacation Itinerary and start turning your travel dreams into reality!



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We’ve also created blank digital, downloadable, printable PDF templates for all your travel planning needs. Check them out on our Etsy shop here. 

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